Yi Deng (邓漪)

1st year graduate student of Music Technology in NYU


About Me

I am Yi Deng, a first-year graduate student of music technology at New York University. I am interested in music production and all the ways in which music helps our life. I am also a violin player and a singer. I am currently looking for internship opportunities as a recording and mixing engineer.


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New York University (NYU)

Music Technology, Master of Music - -

Courses: Mixing in DAW, Audio Mastering, Game Audio, Computer Music Composition, Digital Signal Theory.

  • GPA: 3.907
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Communication University of China (CUC)

Recording Arts (Recording Engineering), Bachelor of Engineering - -

Courses: Recording of Pop Music, Recording of Classic Music, Audio System Engineering, Principle of Audio System, Principle of DAW, Stereophonic Microphone Technique, Audio Measurement.

  • GPA: 3.40
  • 2019 China Media Group Scholarship (top 1%)
  • 2020 Beijing Outstanding Graduates (top 3%)


Red Lily

Composition/Production -

A trap based on a Chinese folk song. The male vocal sample is from a Chinese folk music album. Red lilies(山丹花) often appear in lyrics in folk songs of Northwest China. The blooming of red lilies symbolizes love or admiration.

After School

Composition/Production -

An old school excerpt produced by synthesized sounds.

My Plan

Composition/Production -

My first and only song.

Intern Experience

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-   &   -

Participated in projects related to Text-to-Speech (TTS) and MIR of Tiktok, Douyin, CapCut, Jianying, Fanqie Novel, Dali Education, etc.

  • Arranged and mixed for music generated by deep learning models for team promotion and project requirements.
    • AI-powed education
    • New music making and AI-aided music production for virtual singer
    • Voice and singing conversion
  • Designed and programmed sound effects for TTS.
  • Measured the acoustic parameters of the recording studios
  • Designing data collection standard for cooperative core business.
    • Developed audio recording quality standards and recording quality inspection process for TTS datasets.
    • Developed labeling standards for beat tracking, automatic music transcription, and cover song detection.
Logic Pro Pro Tools REW Python Adobe Audition Melodyne
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Rhymoi Music


  • Organized and edited 7 albums of recordings for the “Chinese Art Map” project.
  • Edited recordings for the album "Tokyo Romance".
Pro Tools Pyramix
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National Centre of Performance Arts of China (NCPA)


  • Participated in recording and rebroadcasting of concerts and operas.
  • Assisted with the microphone set up and recording system connecting.
Pro Tools Microphones Multi-channel Recording